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Natural Pet Care for Dogs and Cats

Denes has promoted a natural and healthy lifestyle for cats and dogs since 1951.

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Blog: healthy living for pets

Our resident holistic vet Tim Couzens shares ideas and advice about healthy living for pets. Subscribe today!

Here comes Spring and fleas!

Denes Pet Care Offers

Spring is almost here and the fleas have already arrived.  But worry not, here at Denes we have a number of products for helping deter fleas and also for helping with the skin problems they cause.  From our Garlic Oil Capsules through our Essential Oil Shampoo, Liquid Garlic spray, Organic Omega 3 Oil, Hot Itch Lotion, Skin Balm, Aloe vera to our homeopathic remedies Sulphur, Rhus tox and Arsenicum album.  Click on Fleas and your pet to read our detailed factsheet.  To give you a good start for the flea season, we have put together 3 products in a Flea Package.

  1. 1 x 120 Garlic Oil Capsules – normally £13.75
  2. 1 x 100ml Liquid Garlic Spray – normally £3.50
  3. 1 x 200ml Essential Oil Shampoo – normally £5.05

This package would normally sell at £22.30, but we are offering the pack at only £18.95, a saving of 15%.

Bladder Support (Dogs)

Denes Pet Care Offers

A complementary pet food in the form of a herbal tincture blend. A combination of
medicinal herbs, in tincture form, focused on the health of the bladder and lower urinary
tract, including the prostate gland.  The blend may help with the treatment and prevention
of cystitis, as well as with urinary gravel and stones.  It may also help with urinary


Denes Pet Care Offers

Many of us will soon be collecting a new addition to the family.  Puppies bring alot of joy and fun to family life, but also a great deal of responsibility for the owner.  However, help is at hand.  Denes can help give your puppy a good star in life in a variety of ways:

  • with advice about caring for your puppy  
  • with specially prepared wet and dry foods formulated specifically to support the correct growth and development of all puppies
  • from 2 months of age our All in One+ Powder supplement may be given to help promote good health
  • from 5-6 months our Garlic Oil and Greenleaf Tablets may be given again to help promote general good health

If you have any specific questions regarding puppies email us at