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Dog Food

Denes dog foods contain high quality, natural ingredients, with the added benefit of herbs. The herbs not only supply natural flavour and improve aroma, but also help promote better health. The range provides a complete balanced diet free from artificial additives.

Canned Dog Foods
Denes Canned Dog Food Range
A range of complete, life stage/style foods for puppies, adult and senior dogs. View products
OPTIONS Complete Dry Foods
Denes OPTIONS Complete Dry Foods
Our OPTIONS complete dry foods provide excellent maintenance diets together with specific additional health benefits for all adult dogs.
View products
Deluxe Meals for Dogs
Deluxe Meals for Dogs
A range of complete, highly palatable foods for adult dogs, all in convenient single serve trays. View products
Wholegrain Mixer & Baked Biscuits
Denes Wholegrain Mixer & Baked Biscuits
A range of complementary foods including mixer and baked biscuits.